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Santa In A Stetson/ The Christmas Secret

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Santa In A Stetson — Rebecca Winters

Colton Brenner is content being a single dad to his teen twins. And if the Montana rancher was looking for someone, it wouldn’t be Kathryn McFarland. The devoted advocate is so busy fixing everyone else’s life, she can’t settle down. Reuniting families is Kathryn’s job and maybe Colt’s family is the one family she is meant to join! Maybe it’s the way the sexy cowboy wears his Stetson or how incredible he is with his kids. All Kathryn knows is she’s ready to be Colt’s woman — if he’s ready to let go of the past and be her man.

The Christmas Secret — Lee McKenzie

AJ Harris needs to leave town, before he confronts his past in the form of a tool belt-wearing beauty who is also the mother of his child. Fate has other plans when AJ inadvertently hires Samantha Elliott to renovate and sell his grandmother’s old house. Now he has to hide the truth: he adopted the child Sam abandoned three years ago. No one can prevent the bond between mother and child. When AJ learns the selfless reasons behind Sam’s actions, AJ’s secret becomes a burden he can’t keep. Will Sam forgive him for having their son all along? Or will one little boy’s love bring together a family…just in time for Christmas?

About the Authors

Rebecca Winters, an American writer and mother of four, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. When she was 17, she went to boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she learned to speak French and met girls from all over the world. Upon returning to the U.S., Rebecca developed her love of languages when she earned her B.A. in secondary education, history, French, and Spanish from the University of Utah and did postgraduate work in Arabic.

From the time she was ten years old and read Anne of Green Gables and Little Women, Lee McKenzie knew she wanted to be a writer, just like Anne and Jo. In the intervening years she has written advertising copy, magazine articles and an honors thesis in paleontology, and edited conference proceedings, educational material and technical publications. Along the way, her imagination demanded a more creative outlet, and she soon discovered the world of romance. Becoming a four-time Golden Heart finalist and a Harlequin author are her proudest accomplishments yet.

Lee and her artist/teacher husband live on an island in the Pacific Northwest, and she loves to spend time with two of her best friends—her grown-up children.

Billy The Kid's Jail, Santa Fe, New Mexico

RRP $18.99

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The young outlaw known as Billy the Kid spent the winter of 1880-1881 in Santa Fe-trying desperately to get out of its jail. He hired lawyers. He wrote the governor. He even tried digging his way out! Nothing worked. Billy only "escaped" the "safest jail in the Territory" in March 1881, when deputies finally escorted him to the railroad station for a trip to southern New Mexico-where a jury of his peers waited to convict him of murder. But just where was this invincible Santa Fe jail? Today, in Santa Fe, two plaques mark the spot, or rather, two competing spots . . . Lynn Michelsohn tracks down historical sources to identify the long-disputed location of Billy the Kid's Santa Fe jail and to provide this brief glimpse of life in the Wild West on the Southwestern Frontier. (10,000 words; 16 photographs, drawings, and maps) Recommended for Western history buffs, Billy the Kid aficionados, and anyone who loves Santa Fe.

A Brief History Of Political Economy

RRP $238.99

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This book examines the three historical master tales and questions their validity and relevance in today's moment of global disorientation which lacks a convincing and dominant economic narrative. Investigating the ideological dimension and exploring the continued impact of Marx, Keynes and Hayek, the authors demonstrate how these three economic narratives became entangled over time and under increasing complexity, overlapping and competing with each other. The book reflects on the meaning of the historical legacy of the three narratives and investigates their significance today. All three outlined the prospects for a better and more economically efficient world with increased social justice. Magnusson and Strath argue that they constitute a legacy on which a new economic tale must be based, a legacy to draw on or confront. A concise and engaging work, this is an ideal resource for students and academics interested in economics, political science, history and global studies. A Brief History of Political Economy presents a powerful economic history of the last 170 years as a basis for economic reconsideration.

A Surprise For Santa

RRP $10.99

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It’s almost Christmas and one of Santa’s elves has been naughty! He’s wreaked havoc in Santa’s workshop, and Santa needs your help identifying all of the messes his elf has made.

Can you figure out:

  • Which Christmas tree the elf turned upside down?
  • From which stocking the elf stole all the presents?
  • Which of Santa’s outfits did the elf shrink in the laundry?
If you can spot the differences caused by the mischievous elf, you might just be Santa’s most special helper!

About the Author

Canadian herpetologist, Kate Jackson has been passionate about amphibians and reptiles since before kindergarten. Since then she has traveled the world and worked in labs and museums puzzling over such questions as how venomous snakes evolved. In addition to many publications in specialized scientific journals, Kate has published “Mean and Lowly Things: Snakes, Science and Survival in the Congo”, a memoir about collecting snakes in the swamp forests of the Republic of Congo, and “Katie of the Sonoran Desert, a children’s book about radio-tracking rattlesnakes.

Currently she is working with Jean-Philippe Chippaux on a specialized and in-depth book about Central and Western African snakes, intended primarily for herpetologists. A sequel to “Mean and Lowly” is in the works. Kate Jackson holds a Hon.B.Sc and M.Sc. from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard University. She is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Whitman College.


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