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I Wrote A Letter To Santa

RRP $13.99

This is a sweet little Christmas story, all about a little girl who writes a letter to santa. The story has been written in easy to read poetry to entertain children aged five and over.

Letters Of A Woman Homesteader

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About Letters Of A Woman Homesteader

As a widow with a child, Elinore Pruitt left Denver in 1909 and set out for Wyoming, where she hoped to buy a ranch. Determined to prove that a lone woman could survive the hardships of homesteading, she initially worked as a housekeeper and hired hand for a neighbor-a kind but taciturn Scottish bachelor whom she eventually married. Spring and summers were hard, she concedes, and were taken up with branding, farming, doctoring cattle, and other chores. But with the arrival of fall, Pruitt found time to take her young daughter on camping trips and serve her neighbors as midwife, doctor, teacher, Santa Claus, and friend. She provides a candid portrait of these and other experiences in twenty-six letters written to a friend back in Denver. 'Letters Of A Woman Homesteader' is described by the 'Wall Street Journal' as "warmly delightful, vigorously affirmative," this unsurpassed classic of American frontier life, complete with many illustrations will charm today's audience as much as it fascinated readers when it was first published in 1914.

Funny Things Said To Santa

RRP $17.99

At Christmastime, Santa hears it all.

Funny Things Said to Santa is a heartwarming collection of hilarious and sentimental remarks made to a real-life Santa Claus.

Four-year-old girl:
Santa, if they give you a bad time, you can use my tricycle to get away.

For many years, with his chin as white as snow, Gerald Scholer dressed up with his wife Evelyn as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus to bring holiday cheer to their community, especially those in need. He kept a journal of his more memorable moments as Santa, which he now shares with you.

A testament to the power of goodwill, Funny Things Said to Santa is full of merry humor the whole family can enjoy.

Write A Letter To God ?

RRP $39.99

What makes us want to write a letter? We write to our loved ones and friends, usually without any problems. So why do we think it sounds crazy to write God a letter? When we are in pain from an illness or the loss of a loved one, we can talk about it, and it seems to make things better. Well, why can't we sit down and write a letter to God and pour out our heart to him? Maybe we can't tell someone else how we feel with our words. Also, we can keep that letter and go back to it and read it as many times as we want to. Words are our innermost feelings put down on paper. Write God a letter, and you will treasure it for the rest of your life.


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