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A Captured Santa Claus (great Classics)

RRP $16.99

Holly Hill was a place for Christmas! Holly Hill, the old rambling Stratford homestead in Virginia, on its high hill, looking down the long slope and across the wide fields to the far woods rimming the sky. From Bob, the veteran, within a month of his teens, down to brown-eyed Evelyn, with her golden hair floating all around her, when Christmas came everyone hung up a stocking, and the visit of Santa Claus was the event of the year.

The Santa Claus Project

RRP $27.50

When you were a child growing up, chances are that you believed in Santa Claus. That merry fat man who brought presents to all the good kids in the world. Then by accident, or because someone told, you discovered this man did not really exist. How did that feel? This is a question was always wanted to know the answer to so we asked people to tell us their stories. Here is a collection of fun and interesting essays about Santa Claus. What we learned is that kids are pretty smart and the Santa Claus story wil endure.

The Santa Claus Gang

RRP $13.99

The Santa Claus Gang has struck again. Xmas Eve: the Prussian Death Squad Robot commandos (with Live Action Grappling Hooks!) disappear en masse. A panicked CEO places an early morning call for help. Ignoring Call Waiting, Marlowe and Nina answer, launching them yet again into the seedy, dumpster-filled underbelly of the City's criminal underworld. You'd think they'd have learned by now to pay attention to Call Waiting. 'Tis the season to stop the nefarious holiday-themed criminal organization from giving away the Most Wanted Toy of the Year. Otherwise, the poor conglomerate that manufactures the Prussian Death Squad Robot Commandos (with Live Action Grappling Hooks!) will be crushed. And if that isn't incentive enough, failure means Marlowe and Nina will be executed. The Santa Claus Gang is a short story set after the action of Marlowe and the Spacewoman, but before the nail-biting excitement of Balloons of the Apocalypse. And now, for a limited time, it's available in English!

A Mother's Search For Santa

RRP $24.15

"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."
But what does Santa have to do with Christmas?

It's a question Dawn Nolan faced when her adult daughter, Lynn, called her for advice after her son became upset at the notion that Santa "was just a lie." So Dawn decided to find out what role Santa really plays in this treasured holiday.

Placing her story firmly in time and place, Dawn shares her journey in A Mother's Search for Santa. In her quest, Dawn realized that believing in Santa is a child's way of learning to believe. And the more that Dawn delved into this simple statement, the more she discovered that when your heart opens, so do your ears.

When more questions came up regarding her original premise, she prayed and listened to what the Lord revealed to her. Finally, after much spiritual searching and prayer, Dawn not only had an answer for her daughter, but for the rest of us as well.

Warm and inspiring, "A Mother's Search for Santa" brings the true meaning of Christmas straight into your heart and will become a family favorite for years to come.

Santa Claus And The Tooth Fairy

RRP $12.99

A poetic Christmas Eve tale of two siblings who learn a valuable lesson through a series of choices.


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