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Growing Christmas Trees

RRP $14.99

Growing Christmas trees is a great way to generate off-season farm income and make better use of your land. This Storey BasicsĀ® guide shows you exactly how to grow and sell your trees, from choosing the best site and preparing the soil to selecting the best tree species, planting seedlings, maintaining trees to market size, controlling weeds, dealing with disease and pests, marketing your trees, and generating additional income with wreaths and greens.

About the Author

Patrick White operates Meadow Ridge Tree Farm, a Christmas tree farm in Middlesex, Vermont, with about 8,000 trees in the ground. He is on the board of directors of the New Hampshire-Vermont Christmas Tree Association and editor of the group's newsletter. He also runs Meadow Ridge Media, providing freelance writing and editing services to trade magazines in the agriculture, landscaping, and golf industries.

Randolph And The Lemon, Lemon Tree

RRP $13.99

Imagine a Christmas story told by an author who needed to sell a warehouse full of fruitless lemon trees? Then this is the Christmas story you have to hear... The North Pole is in crisis! Because of a few mischievous elves working in Santa's Coal Division, bad boys and girls were given interesting figurines made of coal. So interesting that even good children wanted them, causing Santa to lose all heart. Santa locks himself away, causing all sorts of chaos. Randolph, the only reindeer working at the Coal Division, is less than enthused to help solve the crisis. A reindeer with a checkered past, he sourly agrees to help the Coal Division and Santa's reindeer travel to the Valley of the Last-Minute Gifts to retrieve leftover coal figurines. There, he meets the deer of his dreams and the Little bullied boy, the owner of the Lemon, Lemon Tree. Randolph and the others must convince the boy, to give back carved coal the boy uses to his precious Lemon, Lemon Tree from freezing. Because of this, the team must artfully compromise to return Santa his Christmas Cheer.

Under The Greenwood Tree, By Thomas Hardy A Novel

RRP $17.99

Thomas Hardy, (2 June 1840 - 11 January 1928) was an English novelist and poet. A Victorian realist in the tradition of George Eliot, he was influenced both in his novels and in his poetry by Romanticism, especially William Wordsworth.Charles Dickens was another important influence.Like Dickens, he was highly critical of much in Victorian society, though Hardy focused more on a declining rural society. Under the Greenwood Tree: A Rural Painting of the Dutch School is a novel by Thomas Hardy, published anonymously in 1872. It was Hardy's second published novel, the last to be printed without his name, and the first of his great series of Wessex novels. Whilst Hardy originally thought of simply calling it The Mellstock Quire, he settled on a title taken from a song in Shakespeare's As You Like It .The plot concerns the activities of a group of church musicians, the Mellstock parish choir, one of whom, Dick Dewy, becomes romantically entangled with a comely new school mistress, Fancy Day. The novel opens with the fiddlers and singers of the choir-including Dick, his father Reuben Dewy, and grandfather William Dewy-making the rounds in Mellstock village on Christmas Eve. When the little band plays at the schoolhouse, young Dick falls for Fancy at first sight. Dick, smitten, seeks to insinuate himself into her life and affections, but Fancy's beauty has gained her other suitors, including a rich farmer and the new vicar at the parish church. The vicar, Mr. Maybold, informs the choir that he intends Fancy, an accomplished organ player, to replace their traditional musical accompaniment to Sunday services. The tranter and the rest of the band visit the vicar's home to negotiate, but reluctantly give way to the more modern organ. Meanwhile, Dick seems to win Fancy's heart, and she discovers an effective strategem to overcome her father's objection to the potential marriage. After the two are engaged secretly, however, vicar Maybold impetuously asks Fancy to marry him and lead a life of relative affluence; racked by guilt and temptation, she accepts. The next day, however, at a chance meeting with the as-yet-unaware Dick, surprised Maybold learns from him of his engagement to Fancy. The vicar follows by prompting her by letter, while expressing being taken aback by such news, to be honest to Dewy and withdraw her commitment to him if she indeed intended to become married to Maybold. Fancy responds by withdrawing her consent to marry Maybold and asking him to keep her initial acceptance of his proposal forever a secret. Maybold replies by urging her again to be honest with Dick and admit she accepted the vicar despite having already committed herself to the young tranter, assuring her she would be forgiven. However, as she marries Dewy who is so in love he readily dismisses what he previously (rightly) considered exhibits of her fickleness and rejoices at what he perceives at the prospect of a happy union based on honesty, given Fancy's effusive and seemingly frank admission to some (minor) infidelities, while he assumes they would never keep any secrets from each other, she resolves never to disclose the truly incontrovertible and damning evidence against her character in her having so readily accepted Maybold despite her engagement to Dewy. The novel ends with a humorous portrait of Reuben, William, Mr. Day, and the rest of the Mellstock rustics as they celebrate the couple's wedding day. The mood is joyful, but at the end of the final chapter, the reader is reminded that Fancy has married with "a secret she would never tell" (her final flirtation and brief engagement to the vicar). While Under the Greenwood Tree is often seen as Hardy's gentlest and most pastoral novel, this final touch introduces a faint note of melancholy to the conclusion......

Five Christmas Reindeer

RRP $17.99

Little ones will learn to count from 1 to 5 in this holiday-themed concept book complete with sliding tabs to move back and forth!

Santa has come back from delivering presents, but he accidentally left some behind! Children slide the baby reindeer tabs to help Santa get them out in time. There are five tabs, and each tab is embossed and illustrated with a Christmas reindeer, with a sleigh behind them that appears when all the reindeer are pushed over. Kids will love sliding the reindeer back and forth to help Santa deliver presents in this fantastic first counting book!

Oxford Reading Tree

RRP $15.99

This book is part of the Oxford Reading Tree Fireflies series which offer a wide range of stimulating non-fiction titles for young children. It includes a variety of topics covering all areas of the curriculum, from science to citizenship. The books have a bright modern page design, and are illustrated with colour photographs. They are carefully graded across 10 levels and contain built-in progression and vocabulary repetition throughout. Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with childrens reading development is also available at


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