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Randolph And The Lemon, Lemon Tree

RRP $13.99

Imagine a Christmas story told by an author who needed to sell a warehouse full of fruitless lemon trees? Then this is the Christmas story you have to hear... The North Pole is in crisis! Because of a few mischievous elves working in Santa's Coal Division, bad boys and girls were given interesting figurines made of coal. So interesting that even good children wanted them, causing Santa to lose all heart. Santa locks himself away, causing all sorts of chaos. Randolph, the only reindeer working at the Coal Division, is less than enthused to help solve the crisis. A reindeer with a checkered past, he sourly agrees to help the Coal Division and Santa's reindeer travel to the Valley of the Last-Minute Gifts to retrieve leftover coal figurines. There, he meets the deer of his dreams and the Little bullied boy, the owner of the Lemon, Lemon Tree. Randolph and the others must convince the boy, to give back carved coal the boy uses to his precious Lemon, Lemon Tree from freezing. Because of this, the team must artfully compromise to return Santa his Christmas Cheer.

A Christmas Tree

RRP $13.99

A Christmas story written by Charles Dickens where he reflects about an old Christmas tree from his childhood. This version of the story features a small biography of Dickens in the beginning.

Little Tree

RRP $15.99

In a warm and touching poem, e.e. cummings describes the wonder and excitement of a young brother and sister who find a little tree on a city sidewalk and carry it home, where they adorn it with Christmas finery.

The Sheep That Saved Christmas

RRP $16.99

Cynthia LOVES Christmas. So much so that her flockmates send her off to the North Pole to help Father Christmas.

But it turns out that there isn't much an enthusiastic sheep can do to help with Christmas – until one crucial moment…

About the Author

Jason started writing for children 20 years ago when he landed a job as the fresh-faced reporter on the Young Telegraph. His enthusiasm for innovative and inspiring children's writing has stayed fresh as ever it was. His face hasn't. Now with beard, one shade of grey, Jason has created books and multimedia on a huge range of non-fiction topics.

When he's not writing, Jason helps run Calder House, a special school where children with specific learning difficulties, not only learn to read, but learn to love reading.

The Sheep that Saved Christmas is his first picture book.

About the Illustrator

Adrian Reynolds was born in South Wales, and after studying at Swansea College of Art and later at Cambridgeshire College of Art and Technology, Adrian worked at Heffers Children's Book Shop before beginning to write and illustrate his own picture books.

Adrian's very first books were published in 1997 and since then he has published more than forty titles, including the hugely popular Harry And The Bucketful Of Dinosaurs series, written by Ian Whybrow. He has won the Red House Picture Book Award and the Sheffield Children's Book Award.

Oxford Reading Tree

RRP $15.99

This book is part of the Oxford Reading Tree Fireflies series which offer a wide range of stimulating non-fiction titles for young children. It includes a variety of topics covering all areas of the curriculum, from science to citizenship. The books have a bright modern page design, and are illustrated with colour photographs. They are carefully graded across 10 levels and contain built-in progression and vocabulary repetition throughout. Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with childrens reading development is also available at


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